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Morning Sickness Remedies!

This pregnancy has been AMAZING! I had a rough go at first as I was having heavy bleeding. But I learned a very valuable lesson. Sometimes when we are pregnant its easy to play the victim and say “its just how some pregnancies go” BUT that is not the case it is our body trying to tell us something is wrong! I don’t believe our bodies are like a poker game and its just the luck of the draw! Sometimes we treat it that way. It may take discovering, researching and hiring mentors to help you out but there is always an answer. All it took to stop my bleeding was 5 drops of a cayenne tincture. Can you believe it! I have 3000 dollars in ER bills with zero answers minus “threatened miscarriage” and I just happened to find the right mentor and WAM in 24 hours bleeding was gone and never came back. Moral of the story here no matter what situation you or your children are dealt with THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE THAT HAS THE ANSWER.

So speaking of something that tends to get labeled onto pregnant women…. MORNING SICKNESS! I had it horrible with my first. I was on a mattress in front of my TV for 7 out of the 9 months I was pregnant. It was death!! Once again though I was one of those that just thought that was the straw I had drew. With morning sickness I have found in most women it is just extremely low electrolytes!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to a class and a midwife from the 70’s shared this recipe with me so I wanted to share it with you. It has worked for nearly every woman I have given it to. It is also a safe homemade electrolyte drink for your children. 🙂



Homemade Electrolyte Drink

1 Liter coconut water ( potassium)
1 scoop of cal mag fizz ( calcium and magnesium)
1 Teaspoon of Natural Calm
Trace minerals – couple drops
1/4 teas celtic salt
2 lemons or 3 limes

if you still need more sweetener use Honey or Monin

I adjust the recipe to make a gallon at a time! 🙂 DELISH

* I learned this from a very wise retired midwife ! 🙂 I have no idea where she got this from but it is not my recipe! 🙂




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Disclaimer : I am not a doctor ! If you are seriously ill you need to discuss all your options with your doctor.

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