Initial Consultation includes (1 hour)  $117.00

  • Confidential Health History Intake – health background interview.
  • Evaluation  of daily nutrition and digestion.
  • Face and stool examination ( by picture),
  • Recommendations On nutritional intake by looking at the strengths and weaknesses in the following areas: Digestive Health, Vitamins and Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, microbe feeding food consumption.
  • As a Nutritional Health Mentor  I offer  intensive help with  digestive problems, balancing microorganisms and healing your or your child’s gut.
  • We will discuss your Goals and Vision towards you or your child’s health and you will leave the conversation with a plan in hand.


Follow-Up Consultations (30 min)  $57.00   

  • 30 min intensive consultation
  • Face and stool evaluation

Most clients need a minimum of 2-4  appointments to help implement the plan, understand die off symptoms, make adjustments, ask questions and make sure you are on succeeding  to reach the optimal health you want.  During these appointments we will be able to Test, measure, and adjust to make sure your body is having the easiest transition possible. We will also be able to continue to evaluate progress with face and stool readings via pictures.


Upgraded Package  $427.00/ month 

  • Confidential Health History Intake
  • Initial 1 hr intensive consultation
  • Three 30 min. follow-up consultations (1 each week)
  • Face and stool evaluation ( by picture) (1 each week)
  • Free leaky gut webinar


Ultimate Online Package  $1297.00/ quarter  *BEST VALUE

  • Confidential health history intake
  • 1 hr intensive health background interview
  • Free Leaky Gut webinar
  • Mon-Friday  voxer/messenger support
  • Daily face and stool analysis (Mon- Fri)
  • Daily evaluation of nutrition and digestion (Mon- Fri)
  • Facebook client support group
  • Resources such as handouts and book suggestions, recipe tips, where to find quality food and more!

In this package we will create an intensive  3 month personalized healing protocol. You will get to email/chat with me online every day with no longer than 24hr turnaround response.( excluding holidays and family celebrations.) I will give you step by step daily instructions on what to add or eliminate every single day  to create  optimal health for you or your child in a 3 months time.


*Payment plans available upon request

*6 month and 1 year package options available as well


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