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What Is Leaky Gut?

  LEAKY GUT!! 75% of immune system is in the gut.  If your gut is sealed, chances are that you’re in good health. However, if you do have this condition called leaky gut it can lead to a whole list of issues. The majority of people have this condition and just don’t know it. What… Continue reading What Is Leaky Gut?

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List of remedies I have on hand when illness hits!

  Being sick is hard! Being sick unprepared is even harder!  I want to make a simple list of what I use when my son gets sick and It hasn’t failed yet to kick the illness for him in 12-24 hrs. I personally choose to avoid all medications when sick for the simple fact it… Continue reading List of remedies I have on hand when illness hits!

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Parasites in Babies

A parasite is an organism  that lives in or on and takes its nourishment from another organism. We all have to a degree some sort of parasite. But when It takes over in the gut of our children it can cause a massive problem.The parasite will live in the intestines or other organs and often… Continue reading Parasites in Babies