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Is Your Child Missing An Important Nutrient Due To a Dangerous “Fad”?

I remember growing up and my parents hitting that stage where you bought low fat everything.  Unfortunately these limited beliefs and fads have been taught to us and now our children are paying the consequence for it. Sometimes I look back when I was still in this “low fat” fad and I recognize now where the disconnect was made. My hubby and I would go eat out  4-5 times a week loading ourselves with who knows what but coming home and eating low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, margarine instead of butter, etc. It’s funny how in our minds we can make ourselves feel better with these uneducated changes and follow fads we see online but be perfectly content loading ourselves with fast food.  Once I made this connection of how ridiculous this was I recognized I was not alone. I see many parents giving their kids happy meals but because they got the apples instead of the fries it’s “healthy”.  Even just the concept of we don’t drink milk but we load them with soy milk or other fake inflammatory drinks like “bug juice”.  This isn’t a blog to bash parents because I know that is the path we were headed down if my son would of not got so ill. Thank god for the rude awakening and research I put into our health. As parents we do the best for where we are at and what we know. But one point I want to make is once you are informed then you have NO excuses! I work with parents weekly and I give them all the information they need to start their health journey and then they go home and they do not apply. It’s hard to break hard habits, I understand that but we as parents need to really be involved on what is working and what is not working. The number one thing I see not working for families is this “low fat “ fad.  Our children need loads and loads of healthy fats! !  A diet that falls short of healthy fats leads to failure to thrive, leaky gut, eczema, infections, frequent colds, ADHD and a can cause malnutrition. Did you know that breast milk is considered the most complete food for babies and is made of 50 % saturated fat. This tells me that even after we wean babies we need to keep up that fat intake so they get all those brain vitamins like A, D and K . There isn’t this magic rule that states just because you are done nursing you stop fats all together. For our children to properly grow a functioning brain we need  to coat the gut and brain with saturated fats. I have all my clients consume a fat with every single meal. This being said we need to be careful not to go to the hydrogenated oils and trans fats. I’m talking about good old fashioned unsalted grass fed butter, Raw coconut oil ( not just the organic , cold-pressed stuff you find at the health food store), tallow, the fat off meat , avocados, etc.  Once again we all do the best we can with what we know but now you know and can go start applying today ! You will see drastic changes in your child’s focus, attention, mood, energy, body features, skin tone and overall health!


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